Visit to REAIM conference February 15 and 16 2023

REAIM conference 2023

By Gabriele Jacobs

Our ELSA lab is part of a network of 5 other ELSA labs, and one of them is the ELSA LAB DEFENCE. Defining the communalities and differences between the focus of AI in public safety and defense seem for as a relevant topic. To deepen our understanding, we visited the REAIM conference, a conference focusing on the use of AI in the military context.

With a group of our four PhDs, and four senior colleagues we listened on two days to several presentations and reflected in the breaks on what we have heard and observed. How is the setup different from conferences in the field of public safety, e.g. police or smart-city conferences which discuss the use of AI or technology in general? How are the problems framed? Which solutions are presented and debated? Which concerns are (not) raised? How is dual use seen? What is defined as risk, what as safety and security? Who needs to be protected? Who or what is considered a risk? Which private companies position themselves in which way in the field of military AI? What is their offer, what are their arguments? Something I took away from the conference is that the field of military and civil AI use seems more blurred than I had expected, or let’s say hoped for. This is certainly something I like to learn more about in our ELSA discussions.

More information about the REAIM conference is available on the REAIM 2023 website.

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