Wanted: editorial members for RASL events

RASL Events

The Arts & Culture Talk Show, hosted by the department of Arts and Culture Studies (EUR), has been a phenomenal success over the last four years. In the year of its fifth anniversary, the talk show will be back but with a new look, program, and editorial team as it will be organized under the broader umbrella of the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL).

Starting in January 2018 RASL will host public events that are a co-creation between students and staff members of the various institutions. RASL Events will be a platform where art meets sciences and where art worlds meet and greet. For students RASL Events will serve as a platform where they can learn to be a player in the cultural sector and to get in touch with professionals working in the (Rotterdam) cultural sector and thus to broaden their social network; as well as that it will be a platform where students can talk about their own talents and artistic practices.

Rasl events: where art worlds meet and greet

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Codarts Rotterdam and Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam are collaborating more intensively and joined forces in the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL). The goal of this collaboration is to, first, advance the exchange of knowledge on education and research. Second, to offer students the possibility to develop their skills in accordance with the changing artistic professional practices and societal issues.

Wanted: editorial members

We are looking for new editorial members to organize the following events:

2 x The Arts and Culture Talk Show
1x Where Artists meet Scientists (a famous artist engages in a discussion with a famous scientist)
1x Public keynote lecture of a famous international artist, art critic, or scientist  

Specifically we are looking for:

  • 3 new editors – two for organizing the talk shows, one for organizing the other two events. Editors mostly work on brainstorming about guests and interview topics; pre-interviews with invited guests; and on preparing the interviews for the two hosts of the Arts and Culture Talk Show.
  • 2 producers – who will take care of the production of the events, from the arranging of venues to organizing all the technical aspects of both the talk shows and the other two events. 
  • 2 marketeers – who will promote both the talk shows and the other two events (both online and using “offline” marketing tools like posters and lecture announcements) among fellow-students and the general Rotterdam public.
  • 1 host/side kick – who will present the Arts and Culture Talk Show alongside a staff member.
  • 1 columnist – who will read a live column during the Arts and Culture Talk Show
  • 1 photographer – who will photograph and document all the RASL Events.  
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If you are interested in becoming a member of the RASL Events editorial team, please let us know by sending a short email (to be received on February 2 the latest). Please include the position you would like to fulfill as well as a short description of your motivations in becoming part of the editorial team.

Please address your letter to Niels van Poecke: vanpoecke@eshcc.eur.nl

Interviews will take place in the week of Wednesday February 7 and Thursday February 8.

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