What makes the Dutchman happy?

Universiteit van Nederland

Recently, Martijn Burger of Erasmus School of Economics appeared in a podcast where he elucidated on the topic of happiness. In what place is the average Dutchman the happiest?

Is space, rest and regularity good for a person or does the average Dutch person become happier with lots of stimuli and outdoor cafes around the corner? Martijn Burger, Academic Director at the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO) and Associate Professor of Industrial and Regional Economics in the Applied Economics department of Erasmus School of Economics, takes us on a happiness safari through the Netherlands.

The first thing Burger cites is that people are often happier in rural areas than in big cities. One reason for this is that people often become happy with nature around them. Your living environment also plays a big role in your state of happiness: a detached house in a nice neighbourhood often makes someone happier. Furthermore, health and social relationships greatly influence how a person feels.

Finally, the associate professor addresses the saying that money does not make one happy. ‘That is not true,' says Burger. 'You need a minimum amount of money to make ends meet, and we also see that people in financial need are more likely to be unhappy,' he continues. 

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You can watch the full podcast from Universiteit van Nederland, 13 August 2023, here

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