This is what the new Sport building will look like

The construction of the new Sport building will start in 2020. You will find the new building next to Sanders Building.

Bouwbedrijf Remmers will start with the project next year. They are developing the Provisional Design as we speak. The actual construction is expected to start in mid-2020. The site will be prepared for building. The volleyball pitches currently located there (which are a little flooded right now) will be removed, as will the remaining building material that is still there.

A modern, light inner street

The inner street that connects the two building sections will be a prominent feature of the new sports complex. The covered street has a logistical function, but you can also meet each other when you’re on the way to, or have just finished, exercising. The street also offers you a perspective on the various sports activities taking place in the building. The exterior facade is yet to be finalised. What we are certain of, is that the news sports building will be just as dynamic as its users.

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