What is the relationship between politics and development?

Mohamed Salih giving his valedictory lecture

Valedictory lecture Professor Mohamed Salih

On 12 October 2017, as part of ISS 65th anniversary celebrations, Professor Mohamed Salih gave his valedictory lecture on Politics and Development at an Age of Democratic Resilience.

In his lecture he discused the primacy of politics in development and economic transformation and the ability of development to awaken old poltical forces and energize new social forces.

Salih sought not only to challengeanti-development schools of thought and interest groups, but also to demonstrate that current debate on the decline of democracy and the end of development is alarmist, misplaced and ill-informed. He argued that development orthodoxy has for decades neglected the emergence of and expanding forms of citizens’ democratic and development practices.

He presented the latest data on development aid, human development, and democracy performance north and south of the equator to show that development and democracy are flourishing rather than retreating.

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