What’s the role of philosophy in today’s society?

PHOTO: Antim Wijnaendts van Resandt

We asked two thinkers to weigh in: Nizar El Manouzi, a double-degree student of medicine and philosophy, and prof. dr. Marli Huijer, professor in public philosophy and former Philosopher Laureate of the Netherlands. ‘I consider it my task to get the whole of the Netherlands thinking.’

Marli Huijer is professor in public philosophy as well a public philosopher herself. In 2018 she presented her third (!) inaugural lecture. In it, she wrote: ‘In my dreams is a future where philosophy gets everyone thinking. That, in particular, is the purpose of public philosophy. (...) Not just thinking, but expansive ways of thinking that consider how to answer contemporary societal and political questions.'

Nizar El Manouzi, a double-degree student of medicine and philosophy, says: 'I hope to be able to provide the kind of care that’s tailored to the patient’s needs. In order to do that, you need to understand the patient – but also your own self. I want to be able to explain why I see certain things the way I do. Sometimes medicine is about protocols, about preventing as many mistakes as possible. But the moral framework that surrounds this is, for me, equally interesting. That’s what I find in philosophy.’

Read the whole interview with ea. magazine.

Prof. Marli Huijer
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