Which MBAs are worth the most: Harvard, Stanford or Erasmus?

If you want to give your career an extra push you could consider an MBA. And according to DasKapital you'll you get the most value for money at Rotterdam School of Management. 

The authors summed up various factors and found that alumni of the top 100 MBA programs earn an average salary of about € 132.500,- only three years after their graduation. Not bad! But... with an investment of € 279.799,- the value-for-money figure isn't very convincing.

Three years after graduation at Rotterdam School of Management alumni earn an average of € 113.000 per year. Perhaps that's not the highest of salaries but looking at the value-for-money figure RMS is on place 14. And that's better than Stanford (74), Harvard (87) and the London Business School (84). Jay!








Source: DasKapital (NL)