This is why you should visit Het Coachcafé

Het Coachcafé is a successful concept where Erasmus alumni, trained for this particular event, coach students and (young) alumni. The way to help them find out more about their dreams and what steps to take next in their careers. 'To get the job you want, it’s important to connect to people and don’t be afraid to ask for help or information.’ Sign up now for The Coachcafé on 14 March at Café Engels.


Ellen van de Ven, young alumna: ‘What I liked a lot about Het Coachcafé in comparison with other career events: the coaches triggered me with their questions.’

Ellen van de Ven (23), young alumna
Master Management of Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

‘In February I will have to make decisions about where I would like to work, and how to get there. That’s why I’ve been taking several coaching workshops and attended lectures over the last few years, to try to find out what I want to do and how to prepare for my career.
What I liked a lot about Het Coachcafé in comparison to other workshops and career events I visited before: the coaches triggered me with their questions. It’s not just: “What do you like?” – which is not very easy to answer, but for example: “If you will be helping to organise a neighbourhood event, what part of the organisation would you like to be in charge of?” This question made me think differently.
I also liked the fact that Het Coachcafé is interactive: coaches did not tell me what to do, but we were all talking and brainstorming. Besides the coach, the other students and young alumni were giving advice as well.’

Sjoerd Koolwijk, student: ‘We all share the same experience at the university, so it was easy to connect.’’

Sjoerd Koolwijk (22), student
Master International Tradelaw at Erasmus School of Law (ESL)

‘I attended Het Coachcafé merely to expand my network. At the end of Het Coachcafé we played ‘Live LinkedIn’. Although I could not make any immediate connections or links – because there were no alumni working in the field of international trade law – I found it inspiring to see how this could work, and also how this works in real life. Apart from having degrees, it seems to be very important to have contacts and a broad network. To get the job you want it’s important to connect to people and to not be afraid to ask for help or information.
We all share the same experience at the university, so it was easy to connect with coaches and participants.
I’m not in a hurry regarding my career because I’m only 22 years old and still have to finish my Master. But all the same it was inspiring to hear what other students do next to their studies. It motivates me to think ahead and find activities that can help me later on with my career.’

Marloes Blankert, student: ‘It was comforting to see other people have similar doubts and questions.’

Marloes Blankert (23), student
International Bachelor Communication and Media, Master Management of Innovation at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Master Marketing Management at RSM

The closer I am getting to graduating, the more I’m trying to find out what I would like to do after finishing my second MasterI’m especially looking for a way to combine my two Masters in my future job.
What I liked is hearing from other students that they too don’t know exactly where to go and how to get there. Even people with beautiful careers have the same doubts. We all have similar doubts and questions. That in a way is comforting: I’m not alone.
Another nice thing: you sit down and will have meaningful conversations with people you’ve never seen before. But this is not scary at all, it was even very relaxed.
Attending Het Coachcafé provided me with the lesson 
that I can take a different approach than I did before to increase my possibilities. There are so many options out there, the advice I was given on how to narrow these down were insightful.’

More information

Sign up now for The Coachcafé on 14 March
Time: 7.30 – 11.00 p.m.
Location: Bar Brasserie Engels, Rotterdam
Ticket: € 10,00 (incl. drinks and snacks)
This edition will be a Dutch spoken only!

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