WOinActie during Opening Academic Year

On the 2nd September 2019, during the opening of the academic year, Kristel Baele, President of Erasmus University Rotterdam's (EUR) Executive Board will unveil Strategy 2024. Simultaneously, WOinActie will present an alternative opening of the academic year in Leiden, called 'De Ware Opening'.

This alternative opening is a national and broad protest meeting to oppose the budget cuts in academia, proposed by Committee-Van Rijn. In short, the Executive Board of EUR endorses all the goals of WOinActie. Furthermore, the Board disagrees with the presumed segregation between alpha, gamma and medical subjects on one hand and technical and beta subjects on the other, as the Committee and minister propose.

As far as EUR is concerned, academics are increasingly working together across disciplines, and more extensive interdisciplinary research will be crucial in addressing societal issues. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the key-note speaker at the opening of the academic year at EUR is Emeritus Professor Donna Dickenson. During her lecture, she will discuss the importance of the relationship between new medical technologies and the important societal issues that arise relating to ethics, inclusion and equality.

Rector Magnificus of EUR, Rutger Engels states: "It is positive that both openings can take place alongside each other. At EUR we have no attendance obligation at our opening, of course. It is up to our students and staff to choose which of the two openings they want to attend.”