You don't have to have a green thumb to take part in the Erasmus Sustainability Days

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A lecture on the impact of the corona crisis on the fast fashion industry, a workshop making vegan burgers and learning more about human rights in sex work. From 1 to 5 March, the Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD) is organised. During workshops and lectures you will learn how you can help to make the world more liveable and sustainable.

"The conference is available to everyone! Students, employees and everyone else who is interested. This year’s edition is a hybrid format. You can take part from Rotterdam or from the comfort of your sofa anywhere in the world”, says Alexandra Boer, one of the organisers of the ESD.

Attend all online sessions for only 5 euro

The aim is to inspire participants. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. The theme of this year's edition is 'Do It Yourself (DIY) Sustainability'. Because of the corona crisis, we stay at home most of the time. The focus is therefore on transferring knowledge to the participants about how you can be sustainable from your own home. An 'online pass' for all sessions is already available for 5 euros. Alexandra: "My recommendations? The lecture on sustainable financing and the workshop textile waste startup Reshirt Rotterdam where you learn how to make a multifunctional bag from an old t-shirt. But there is much more. The Erasmus Sustainability Days are not just about the environment. It's also about empowerment, economic sustainability and fundamental rights."

Erasmus sustainability Days

Fully organised by students

The Erasmus Sustainability Days is the largest student-led conference on sustainability in the Netherlands. Alexandra and her fellow students do it entirely voluntarily. "We are not paid. We all have the same goal: sharing our passion for sustainability with the biggest audience as possible. The good thing about the ESD is that the topics are so diverse. Whether you are interested in finance or have a passion for animal rights, there is something for everyone!"

Sustainability Manager happy with ESD

In October 2020, Mariecke van der Glas was appointed Programme Manager for Sustainability at the EUR. Part of her job is to make connections with different initiatives, also from the student community. Mariecke is therefore very happy with the ESD. "The event fits in perfectly with our sustainability goals of the Strategy 2024. We are proud of our students who, as part of the Erasmus community, are great ambassadors contributing to a more sustainable university. We believe that a change in behaviour is needed to create an eco-positive footprint."

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