This is your chance to leave an everlasting sign at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Care to be remembered at Erasmus University Rotterdam long after your graduation? It’s Easy. Simply put your signature on the Erasmus Wall and become a part of our legacy forever. The late Prince Friso once did it, amongst many other renowned alumni.

It was in the year 1998 when the Erasmus Alumni Association came up with an idea for a present for the university, as was the lustrum tradition. Then-chairman Alfred Pop conceived of a signature wall.

Same but different
The concept originated at the university of Leiden. Leiden’s famous signature wall is called the ‘zweetkamertje’ (sweat room). Alfred Pop didn’t want the exact same thing – in the ‘zweetkamertje’ graduates can chalk their name or signature on the walls, which end up looking messy.
Together with designer Annemoon Geurts, the Erasmus Alumni Association created  glass panels. Signatures are screen printed onto the inner layer of a double glass panel, ensuring they are preserved indefinitely and look neat and stylish. Enough glass panels are available to allow for about 25,000 alumni signatures in total. Currently, nine panels are filled, each with 500 signatures, so there’s plenty of room left.

Establish your bond
‘At a certain moment we were no longer able to find out the addresses of alumni, due to privacy regulations. So at the moment it is not easy to reach them and ask them to join. That is a pity. It would be great to have the new generation of alumni sign the wall as well, and establish their bond with the university,’ states Pop.
Pop himself graduated in 1974 at Economics and went on to become Manager Corporate Clients at ING bank. Naturally, his signature takes pride of place on the wall. ‘During my student years, some social unrest occurred at universities across The Netherlands. I became an active student-politician to try to maintain focus and calm on campus. As a student I could typically be found at conference halls, rather than at the pub. I thank my career to my degree, but the university also planted the seed for my political and executive knowledge and activities.’

Wall of jubilance
The signature wall is intended for everyone who graduates at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The wall is located at Woudestein, next to the Aula and the statue of Erasmus. It is the place where most students will defend their thesis or get their degree certificate. To join, you can sign immediately after you receive your certificate, with a marker on the 'jubelwand' (wall of jubilance). Although that version is only temporary, it is nice to sign the wall and have your picture taken while celebrating.
Big names have paved the way when it comes to the official wall. The late Prince Friso’s signature is on it, as well as that of professor Johan Witteveen, former Minister of Finance. The oldest signature is from 1923. Although the alumnus had passed already, his widow provided the university with his signature, a memento for her. A similar signature wall is located at Hoboken, reserved for Erasmus MC alumni.

It’s merely this folly that forges friendships as well as sustains them’ – Desiderius Erasmus

More information

Your name on the wall is a memento of your everlasting bond with the university. To sign up: please send an email to

 EUR Connect to get in touch with Alfred Pop and other alumni.