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PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Existing for over more than a century, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has developed into an inspiring place where talented researchers from the Netherlands and abroad have the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree. Read how you can become a PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam and what this trajectory can look like.

A PhD degree is a necessity for researchers in academia and the first step in academic research. Also, society at large profits from PhD candidates taking up positions in companies, non-profit organisations and governmental institutions. 

The PhD candidates who start their PhD research at EUR are diverse, in terms of their age, background, gender, nationality and in the way their research is financed.

What you do as a PhD candidate

As a PhD candidate, you work on a research project under the supervision of a professor, which results in a dissertation or a series of articles in scientific journals. In addition, PhD candidates follow courses at the graduate schools or institutes of Erasmus University Rotterdam. They often teach bachelor or master students. Teaching requirements vary depending on a research school and the type of your PhD trajectory.

A PhD degree at EUR can be obtained in various ways


What your trajectory may look like

Why Erasmus University Rotterdam?

Erasmus University Rotterdam has an excellent academic reputation and maintains a high position in international rankings. 

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Our PhD community

There are many ways to connect with fellow PhD candidates and researchers of our university. 

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