Artificial Intelligence for Multi-Agency Public Safety (AI MAPS)

In search of ethical artificial intelligence
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Public safety is a highly relevant societal problem

What is ethical and responsible artificial intelligence ("AI")? The Covid pandemic and unrest around forced migration or farmers' protests illustrate the significance of public safety. Ensuring public safety is a constant challenge in the pursuit of the delicate balance between freedom and safety. AI MAPS adopts a freedom and social well-being perspective and focuses on three themes to address key safety challenges:

  • Social disorder and public nuisances in neighbourhoods; ​

  • High-impact crime; ​

  • Crowds and events.​

AI MAPS focuses on the ethical, legal and social aspects of AI (ELSA) development and application - to prevent the solution from being worse than the problem.

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Bringing different perspectives together

We are proud of our unique and broad consortium of over 20 partners. We need to engage with each other in order to unleash the emancipatory potential of AI in public safety.

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