Alexander Baanen

Picture of IBCoM Student Alexander Baanen
Living in a different culture helps you develop as a person. It is a unique opportunity, and those do not come often. I’d say go for it!

Alexander Baanen

Exchange to San Diego State University, United States of America (Fall '16)

Living in a different culture helps you develop as a person. Not only is it amazing to learn about another culture, it also gives you the chance to develop a whole new perspective. I had the chance to take courses about subjects that I wouldn't have been able to study in Rotterdam. On top of that it's been very interesting to learn about the different views Americans have on issues and concepts we have discussed in IBCoM. The same concepts are taught differently here, giving me the chance to get a better overview of the concept as a whole. This all adds to my perspective on my own future and my decision as to what to do next. On top of that you will meet a lot of amazing people and do a lot of fun things. For me it's been amazing to do a lot of the things I had always seen in movies and on television, including American houseparties, bonfires and the whole show that is American (college) sports events. Not to mention all the travelling you can do. Exchange is a unique opportunity, and those don't come by all that often. I'd say definitely go for it - no matter where you end up, you're sure to have an amazing experience!

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