Eric Slob

This master programme is one of the things that makes Erasmus School of Economics exceptional. People from all over the world aspire to come and study here

Eric Slob

Student Econometrics

You continuously have to bring your A game

Good empirical skills become more and more crucial, and people who have them are rare. The combination of the theoretical background about the methods and the application of those methods in assignments is what is special about the MSc Econometrics and Management science programme. It provides students with the possibility to acquire these highly valued empirical skills.

Furthermore, the programme changes the definition of your comfort zone. You continuously have to bring your A game, but since studying at Erasmus School of Economics seems like being amongst family, the work seems more fun which makes it much more doable. After completing this programme, I feel much more prepared for the rest of my life and have a clear idea of what I want to do.

From research to theoretical or practical courses

The programme offers several different types of courses, from research to theoretical or practical courses. This makes your studies dynamic and interesting! What is more, the Professors and my peers were among the most inspiring people I ever encountered.

From September, I will be a PhD candidate at Erasmus University, where I will be working on the crossroads of economics and genetics.

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