Janelle de Weerd

I would 100% recommend this master if you are interested in the subject

Master Persuasive Communication, University of Amsterdam, NL

Class of 2013 (Graduated in 2016)

What was important in making up your mind?
When it came to choosing this program, it was important that I could expand on the research I started in IBCoM, namely brand storytelling. The subjects that were outlined on the website appealed to me as they had a large focus on consumer psychology and marketing. This program allowed me to specialise in an area that I felt I could excel in. Additionally, going to UvA facilitated me in continuing to create a professional network in the Netherlands.

What made you decide to choose for this master?
My final decision for this program was the caliber of the school and the subjects offered - particularly marketing communication as one of the required courses. 

How would you describe the connection between IBCoM and your master?
The main connection to IBCoM would be the basic communication principles we learned. Obviously they deal with the same subject areas, however this master puts them in a more scientific and psychological light. Also, whereas IBCoM increased your awareness of the world around you, Persuasive Communication increases your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. 

How would you describe your master?
It is a lot of work. I have worked harder for this master than ever before, which can be exhausting but also very fulfilling. The theories that we learn are so incredibly interesting and can be applied to real life, which is really cool. With each week that passes, I feel that I have actually learned something meaningful. The hard work is well worth it but be warned that there is quite a large focus on methodology, they encourage you to understand the details of how research is conducted and how to be critical of this. This was difficult in the beginning as IBCoM didn't have a large focus on these aspects but now that I know it, it gives me a better appreciation of research. 

In hindsight, what would you have liked to know before, what you know now?
It would have been nice to have a bigger emphasis on methodology in the bachelor. While we had some methods courses, they were too early and too short to learn on a deep level. I would have benefited from learning how to conduct proper research before my thesis. 

Anything you would like to add?
I would 100% recommend this master if you are interested in the subject. Just be ready for it because it's not exactly a walk in the park! 

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