Koen Kuipers

The specialisation Accounting and Auditing consists of academic, theoretical, practical and social courses. This comprehensive programme provides you many opportunities for your future career.

Koen Kuipers

Student Accounting and Auditing

Why did I choose Accounting and Auditing?

It was not difficult for me to choose for the master specialisation Accounting and Auditing. After I graduated from secondary school, I started studying Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. During this Bachelor programme I followed accounting courses which have made me enthusiastic about the accounting profession. Not only the accounting subjects but also the people I  encountered were reasons for me to stay at the Erasmus University.

I have made friends for life

During this challenging master programme, you learn academic, theoretical, practical and social skills. After this programme you are able to analyse and write an academic article, analyse financial statements and explain the audit profession. Next to lectures, also seminars are part of the programme where you work in small groups of students which generates convenient interaction. During this programme I made friends for life.

Many opportunities for your future career

The master specialisation Accounting and Auditing offers courses which are relevant if you would like to become a Certified Public Accountant (Dutch: Registeraccountant) in the future. From my own experience I would like to emphasize that this master specialisation and the related events provide you many opportunities for your future career.

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