Leon van der Vliet

The programme brings much more than the name brings to mind, it offers a variety of courses that will serve as a perfect foundation for your career.

Leon van der Vliet

Student Urban, Port and Transport Economics

Why I chose Urban, Port and Transport Economics?

Since I remember the port of Rotterdam always caught my attention, probably because I always lived close to Rotterdam and therefore had the port virtually in my backyard. After finishing my BSc Economics and Business Economics the choice for my Master was easily made; my passion for the port and logistics is reflected in the master specialisation Urban, Port and Transport Economics.

The curriculumĀ 

This programme offers a great variety of courses of which one could choose from. Personally, I chose all courses related to Port and Transport economics topics. However, for my seminar I wanted to widen my horizons and decided to go for an Urban Economics related seminar. In my opinion this is what makes this programme great and special, you are not bounded by only one direction, since, each block, you are able to choose a completely different topic.

Not only did I learn about ports, logistics and urban planning in general, this Master specialisation also taught me to work with all types of models. Several courses and seminars have econometrical aspects and taught me, among other things, to optimize an entire supply chain which I found to be extremely helpful.

All in all, I believe this programme prepares you for a glorious career in the future!

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