Lidia Lüttin

This master enabled me to think practically and see which issues real marketers face.

Lidia Lüttin

Alumna Master in Marketing

Why choose marketing

In my experience, you really need to learn how to work with data if you want to become a marketer of a tech brand. Besides the creative part, a lot of marketing now is based on data, so you need to be able to read, analyse and interpret the numbers and make a plan based on that. Initially, marketing seems to cost money, but with data you can prove a positive return on investment. So if you’re interested in data, marketing is a very interesting study choice.

Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics

What I liked about studying Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics is that we had a lot of cases regarding real world companies. This enabled me to think practically and see which issues real marketers face. I said before that being able to deal with data is important, so this is also emphasized in the study, along with marketing research. I never liked statistics before, but after the program, I now quite like it. I think those two elements are the main characteristics and strong points of the Marketing program of the ESE. 

Furthermore, there are many international students and the group is not excessively large. I did my bachelors in Germany where we had classes of 800 people, while at the ESE I actually knew everyone in my year. Also, it was always possible to talk to professors and discuss issues with them, which made the experience personal.

How my study has helped me in my career

Currently, I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Bynder. Bynder is not really well known among students yet, but we’re working on that! Bynder develops software that allows marketers to create, find and use their marketing conference. When I joined Bynder after my studies, it was still a tech start-up with only 5 employees and I was the first marketer. Now, Bynder is in the scale-up phase and already has over 200 employees. I am responsible for a marketing department of 22 people who are busy with creating leads, promotions, brand building etcetera. It is a really cool job! Our clients are brand managers and marketers of other firms, so I really need to know how a marketer thinks. The master definitely prepared me well for this!

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