Maarten Lemken

Solving real-world cases using econometric modelling techniques, will become second nature to you. May it be in economics, finance, business, biology or psychology

Maarten Lemken

Student Econometrics

Why I chose Econometrics?

Liking mathematics, but being an economist at heart, I chose to study Econometrics in my bachelor. The master in Econometrics is a logical continuation of the bachelor programme. Though, enrolling with a different bachelor degree is possible as well after a special one-year programme, which definitely is worthwhile.

The curriculum

As a student of the Econometrics programme, solving real-world cases by applying a tool kit of econometric modelling techniques on datasets, will become second nature to you. As the master contains a very limited number of courses, the biggest part of the studies is spent on actual research in an eight-week case study and while writing your master thesis. As you are mostly free to choose the subject of your case study and master thesis, you can choose the topics of the major part of your master studies yourself, may it be a topic in economics, finance, psychology, biology or genetics or a business-related case during an internship.

The degree of Econometrics in Rotterdam offers truly unique chances

During my studies, research and work, I learned that a thorough understanding of your subject and continuous communication with experts is essential for creating a good statistical model. The techniques that you learn in the course Bayesian Econometrics can help you to incorporate such expert knowledge in your models. Also it helps you to become more aware of the effects of modelling assumptions on your conclusions.

Currently, my girlfriend and I are living in Latvia and I am working in Riga as a product pricing analyst at an international non-life insurer. Without prior full-time work experience, I found this great job in a country where I didn't even speak the language. This shows that the degree of Econometrics in Rotterdam offers truly unique chances.

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