Paulina Kletschke

Rotterdam has job perspectives for international professionals, but also offers a great student life.

Paulina Kletschke

LL.M. Student Commercial and Company Law 2019-2020

Choosing a master’s programme that fits ones interests, needs and ambitions is hard, especially as the options seem endless. My name is Paulina Kletschke, I am 24 years old, German and finished an LL.B. programme in European Law at Maastricht University. I had former experience studying in the Netherlands and knew that I also wanted to pursue my master’s degree in this beautiful country. During my bachelor’s, I did a business law minor, which awoke my interest in corporate law. After researching my options, it was clear that the Commercial and Company Law master’s at Erasmus University Rotterdam is the correct choice for me. It combined all the fields I am enthusiastic about, such as intellectual property-, competition-, corporate governance- and tax law. Furthermore, I saw Rotterdam as the perfect city to live in. It has the typical Dutch small-town flair, but is at the same time a big, vibrant, modern city. It has job perspectives for international professionals, but also offers a great student life. The combination of the city itself and the master’s programme made me pick this LL.M. above all others and I was not disappointed.

The master’s offered me the chance to grow personally and academically. I was impressed by the effort and work the professors put into supporting me and my personal goals. I felt incredibly supported and encouraged to grow above my own expectations during the LL.M. programme. Next to academic advice, I received personal feedback and opportunities. The university does not only want you to do well in your studies, but also to support you beyond that step. Once you are in the Erasmus School of Law family, you are part of a community and continue to be part of it as an alumnus or alumna. As I had the great opportunity to be the Commissioner of External Affairs for the Trade and Transport Law Association, I was in contact with many alumni. It was interesting to exchange information about how the programme developed and grew throughout the past years and what my options for the future are.

One aspect I appreciated most about the University is the openness concerning critical feedback. After every period, a feedback round was held in which the students could give direct feedback to the people responsible and exchange their experiences. This is a really good system to ensure a steady improvement of the programme, which benefits all the parties involved.

When starting a new academic block, the list of readings and deadlines one finds in the syllabus may seem overwhelming at first. But in my opinion the workload is well balanced and doable through proper time management. I was able to follow the programme, while working and being engaged in different extracurricular activities. So, I encourage everyone to not be discouraged, since the community, from staff to fellow students, is understanding, supportive and very helpful.

All in all, the LL.M. in Commercial and Company Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam is a great choice for students that look for a supportive environment and a compelling study.

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