Sonsoles García

At the end, you will have the knowledge to engage any matter in international trade with confidence and enthusiasm.

Sonsoles García

LL.M. Student International Trade Law 2019-2020

Why did I choose Erasmus for my LL.M. in International Trade Law? Well, as a legal practitioner in Latin America I realised it is important to have a holistic perspective of law. Even though I had just finished an LL.M. programme in international tax, customs and trade in Colombia. Nevertheless, when I met with multinational corporations and prospective clients, they recommended me to pursue a more international LL.M. because it would make me a better professional. At that moment I decided to enrol in another LL.M. I was looking for a high ranked university in international trade law with renowned staff members, located in a major city.
Thus, my search began. I found that Erasmus University Rotterdam was elite in international trade law and their staff members were important lawyers and researchers. Also, many of their alumni work in outstanding law firms and international organizations such as the WTO and the WCO. And on top of that, the Erasmus University is in Rotterdam. I was convinced right away.

On my first day, I realised that most of the students just graduated from their bachelor programmes. I thought that I would meet a lot of young, but more experienced lawyers as fellow classmates. Nevertheless, the fact that I was one of the oldest and most experienced in the class was helpful. I was able to exchange my professional experience with my fellow students and I learned many research skills from them that I had not explored before. My thesis tutor was prof. dr. Frank Smeele, a well-known professor in maritime and trade law. He guided me every step of the way, gave me great feedback and supervised me to write a powerful thesis. I thought it would be an intimidating process with him as my tutor, however, it turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had with a tutor. In sum, I truly believe that the LL.M. programme International Trade Law helps me become a better, more capable professional.

For future students leaning towards Erasmus University Rotterdam, I totally recommend that you enrol in this programme. It is a perfect combination between maritime law, trade finance, commercial contracts and carriage of goods. At the end, you will have the knowledge to engage any matter in international trade with confidence and enthusiasm. Rotterdam is a great city to live in. You will be surrounded with private ports and vessels everywhere. You will feel the 'international trade vibe' every time you walk around or ride your bike.  Finally, the campus is amazing, and Sanders Law Library will become your sanctuary, being a place where you will exchange knowledge with your fellow students

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