Wesley Chinkoe

I have learned to be more critical and look at a problem from different perspectives.

Wesley Chinkoe

Student in Psychology

After a year of studying Medicine at the Erasmus University, I decided to apply for the bachelor Psychology, because I wanted to learn more about human behaviour. I was almost instantly convinced to go to the Erasmus University Rotterdam, because of the very accessible location and the Problem Based Learning system, which this study is built around. PBL means that you actively discuss the curriculum with a group of students, instead of passively learning the subject matter.

I have learned that this way of active learning helps to retain information a lot better than regular ways of teaching. Now that I have been studying Psychology for almost two years, I can say that I have learned to be more critical when information is presented. Besides that, I’ve learned that there are different perspectives to approach a problem and that more perspectives can help create a better image of a situation.

In my opinion anyone who is interested in how humans work and interact with each other, could apply for this Bachelor programme. This is because the curriculum for this specific study is very broad, ranging from organisational psychology to clinical psychology. Having experienced all the different disciplines in psychology, I’d say I like neuropsychology and clinical psychology the most.

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