Larissa van der Lugt

Senior Researcher Port Economics and Management

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Larissa van der Lugt graduated in 1996 in Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and has (academic) research and project management experience for about thirteen years in the field of ports, transport and logistics. At present at the Department of Port Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam she is as senior researcher involved in research projects in the field of port and maritime economics, port management and port related logistics development. Besides she is writing a PhD on the strategy of port authorities. Before joining the Erasmus University in 2001 she has worked with the Dutch Ministry of Transport (one year) and with a consulting and engineering company (four years). In all these functions she has worked, mainly as projectleader, on research projects in the field of port governance and organisation, port development analyses, logistics chain analyses, economic impact studies and implementation projects for intermodal transport concepts. Larissa van der Lugt is also involved in academic education at Master level, including supervising Masterstudents.

Over the years Larissa van der Lugt has developed a wide network of both leading practitioners in the field of ports and logistics as of academics in the field of port economics and management.

Main research interests

Larissa van der Lugt is interested in the following research themes:

  • Economic performance of seaports
  • Economic organization and governance aspects of seaports
  • Strategy of port related economic actors
  • Hinterland access issues
  • Port related logistics concepts

    Current and recent research projects

    • Port authority Strategy: the analysis of the logical strategic scope of activities of port authorities, scientific research project (2005 - …)
    • Ultimate: institutional analysis of the development of port’s hinterland networks (2010 -…)
    • Dubrovnik: Assessment of innovative arrangements for improved hinterland accessibility of the Port of Rotterdam (2011 - …)
    • Flexibility in Port Development and Management (2010 - …)
    • Twin –hub: towards innovative rail bundling concepts for seaports (2011 - ..)
    • Development of Port Community System (PCS) into a National Information Platform for Logistics (2011)
    • Quick scan into Economic impact of Canal Seine Nord for Port of Rotterdam (2011)
    • Transumo: Study into the potential for improvement of the port’s competitive of Rotterdams’ position trough interorganisational arrangements in inland transport (2005 – 2010)
    • Port of Rotterdam NV: Port congestion costs, continuation, (2009)
    • Economic vision on future development of Mainport Rotterdam: a second opinion on the governments’ policy document (2009)
    • Improving the rail connectivity of Zeeland Seaports: an organisational and institutional analysis (2009) 
    • Assessment of the potential development of the Maritime Cluster in “de Drechtsteden” (2008)
    • Academic Centre for TransPORTS and Port of Rotterdam NV: Coordination in the ports’ railway sector: improvement of efficiency and effectiveness (2008)
    • Project Organisation Betuweroute: Costs of temporarily lay-up of the port’s railway system (2007)
    • Municipality of Almere and Port of Amsterdam: Development study for an inland port at Almere (2007)
    • Port of Rotterdam NV: Port congestion costs (2007)
    • Interreg: development of international research platform on ports and logistics (2005 - 2007)
    • Port of Amsterdam: analysis of the impact of price differentiation on demand for seaport access (2006)
    • Port of Amsterdam: Economic risk analysis for seaport access to Ports of Amsterdam (2006)
    • Stimulation of development of European short sea shipping, project funded by the European Commission (2003-2005)
    • Evaluation of  Partners for Roads, an international infrastructure development program of Rijkswaterstaat (2004)
    • Development of decision support model for the make or buy decision of the Rotterdam public Transport Company RET (2003)
    • Rabobank in-house course Sector Ports, Transport and Logistics, (2003 - present)
    • Analysis of policy trade-offs for Rijkswaterstaat in their role towards the Port of Rotterdam, (2002)
    • Strategy for development of logistics activities in the Port of Busan, South-Korea: The Netherlands as casestudy, (2002)
    • Market analysis and logistics chain analysis for the development of a high-tech multimodal loading unit/container for the market of climate controlled transport, (2000 – 2002)
    • Market research on the potential for maritime infrastructure development on the Indian subcontinent (2001)
    • Economic and environmental analysis of the sector of inland tank shipping, (2001 – 2002)
    • Logistics chain analysis in the fresh produce sector (2000)
    • Working document for the potential of rail transport, inland navigation and short sea shipping to and from the Amsterdam – North Sea Channel region (1999)
    • Economic impact study for the improving/ enlarging of the nautical access in the Amsterdam – North Sea Channel region (1999)
    • Study of both the organisational and (transport) infrastructural aspects for the development of a free economic zone in Lithuania (1998)
    • Economical and logistical study for the development of an industrial port site in Egypt (1998)
    • Feasibility study for the development of a multimodal industrial site near Utrecht, The Netherlands (1998)
    • Economic impact study of the deepening of a port channel in the Port of Klaipeda, Lithuania (1998)
    • Feasibility study for the development of a barge terminal in the Port of Rotterdam (1997)
    • Study towards the impact of climate changes on inland navigation: a competitive analysis between inland navigation, rail transport and road transport for specific logistical chains under assumption of worsening conditions for inland navigation (1997)
    • Cargo forecasting, competitive analysis and feasibility study for the development and extension of the Port of Koper, Slovenia (1996 – 1997)
    • Economic and technical study of transport and transhipment of conventional cargo, port of Rotterdam (1996)


    Teaching of both graduate and undergraduate students in the following courses:

    • Bachelor Seminar Port and Transport Economics (ESE)
    • Master Urban Ports and Transport Economics: (ESE)
      • Port Economics
      • Economics of the Transport and Logistics Firm
    • Master Supply Chain Management (RSM)
      • Ports in Global networks
    • Contributions to Masterclasses and Executive Education
    • Supervising Bachelor and Masterstudents

    Selected Publications

    Journal papers and book chapters

    • Van der Horst, M.R., Van der Lugt, L.M. (2011) Coordination mechanisms for improving hinterland accessibility: an empirical analysis in the port of Rotterdam, Maritime Policy and Management, Vol. 38, Nr. 4, pp. 415 - 435
    • Brooks, M., McCalla, R., Pallis, A.A., Van der Lugt, L.M., (2009) Coordination and Cooperation in Strategic Port Management: The Case of Atlantic Canada’s Ports, Canadian transport Journal, forthcoming
    • Brooks, M., Van der Lugt, L.M., (2009) Transatlantic Port Issues, submitted to: Special Issue of Journal of TRF on Transatlantic Issues
    • Governance Structures of Port Authorities in The Netherlands, Research in Transportation Economics, Vol. 17, Devolution, Port Governance and Port performance, ed. M.R. Brooks & K. Cullinane, Elsevier, 2006
    • The changing role of ports as locations for logistics activities, Journal of International Logistics and Trade, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2006

    Conference and working papers

    • Van der Lugt, L.M., Rodrigues, S.B., Van den berg, R., The Strategic Role of a Port Authority in its Hinterland Network:  A co-evolution perspective, (2011), IAME Conference paper
    • Van der Lugt, L.M., De Langen, P.W., Hagdorn, L., (2009) Value creation and Value capture in the Ports’ Business Ecosystem, IAME conference paper 2009
    • Van der Horst, M.R., Van der Lugt, L.M., (2009) Coordination in railway hinterland chains: an institutional analysis, IAME Conference paper 2009
    • Van der Lugt, L.M., (2009) European policy on the Rail Freight Market: Competition and Coordination, Working paper for the North American Transport Competitiveness Council, January 2009 No.8
    • Van Der Lugt, L.M., Van der Horst, M.R., (2008) Niet betalen is niet bepalen: contractstructuren in de haven nader bekeken, Column voor
    • Port Authority Strategy: Beyond the Landlord, IAME Conference 2007
    • Port Authority Strategy, A Research Agenda, World Conference on Ports and Maritime Developments, Rotterdam 2005
    • A stylised container port hierarchy: a theoretical and empirical exploration, IAME Conference, 2002
    • Supply Chain Analysis in the Maritime Reefer market, IAME Conference 2001
    • Strategical Co-operation in Road Transport, Masterthesis, 1996