Erasmus UPT co-investigator in project ‘30km/h speed limits for Healthy Populations and Vital Cities’

Michael Fousert on Unsplash

An interdisciplinary research proposal, co-written by Erasmus Senior Researcher Anna Bornioli, was selected to receive 200.000 euro funding from the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens: resiliency, inclusivity, smartness and just sustainability.

The project will investigate the outcomes of lower speed limits on health, livability, and vitality in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. The project also team includes Pilar García-Gómez, Professor of Applied Economics (ESE), Alex Burdorf (Erasmus MC), Famke Mölenberg (Erasmus MC), and Nicole den Braver (Amsterdam UMC). The grant will fund a two-year post-doc position.

About the research project ‘30km/h speed limits for Healthy Populations and Vital Cities’

Car-free or car-light environments are an important characteristic of urban vitality. This project will provide evidence on the wider impact of 30 km/h zones. First, the researchers will build a data infrastructure and evaluate the impact of previous changes in speed limits in Dutch cities. Second, in collaboration with Rotterdam municipality, they will assess how the introduction of 30km/h speed limits will influence the city’s vitality. In the research a holistic approach is used by combining outcomes on mobility, health, and environmental science and focusing on the differential impact on population subgroups.

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