EU Launches Bold Zero-Carbon Urban Transport Project

With the Zero Carbon Infrastructure (ZCI) project, an initiative under the EU Green Deal, the European Union has embarked on an ambitious journey to combat urban transport emissions. Road transport contributed a staggering 72% of transport emissions in 2019, and 23% of EU transport emissions originate from urban areas.

The ZCI project, funded by Interreg Europe, began in March 2023, uniting nine partners from different European countries. Led by the County Administrative Board of Kronoberg (Sweden) and supported by the Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port, and Transport Economics (Netherlands), the project focuses on four key areas:

  • Private Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Urban Logistics
  • Business Models for Decarbonized Transport
  • Public Acceptance and Communication


The project aims to share best practices, enhance policy instruments, and build capacity among public authorities. With a budget of €2,085,629, including €1,650,049.20 from the European Regional Development Fund, the ZCI project strives to transform urban transport across Europe.

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