Place-Based Innovation Policy

The chapter Mapping Relatedness in European Regions by Frank van Oort, Nicola Cortinovis, Teodora Dogaru and UPT’s expert Jeroen van Haaren was recently in published. The book Quantitative Methods for Place-Based Innovation Policy: Measuring the Growth Potential of Regions is edited by Roberta Capello, Alexander Kleibrink and Monika Matusiak.

Place-based innovation policy design requires an in-depth understanding of territories and their complexity. Traditional statistics, with a lack of publicly available data at the disaggregated (sub-sectoral and regional) level, often do not provide adequate information. Therefore, new methods and approaches are required so that scientists and experts that can inform decision-makers and stakeholders in choosing priorities and directions for their innovation strategies. The book replies to such a need by offering advanced mapping methodologies for innovation policies with a special focus on approaches that take into account place-based policies.