Port monitor 2020 now available

The result of the study commissioned by the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management shows the economic impact of the Dutch seaports in 2018 en 2019. The total employment in the Dutch seaports  is more 385 thousand employees , of which more than 217 thousand is direct employment. Together, these employees realise almost 45 billion euros in added value, of which 30 billion euros is direct added value. The Dutch seaports have a share of approximately 5.5% in the Dutch economy in 2019, a slight decrease compared to 2018.


Erasmus UPT - havenmonitor video final

Project leader Martijn Streng about the new port monitor: “This port monitor is the first in a new series. In close collaboration with the port authorities, the definitions of what port-related activities are were examined. This review forms a good basis for the start of a new time series. If we look at the figures, an increase in the direct effects can be seen in 2019 compared to 2018; both employment (+ 1.8%) and added value (+ 2.4%). We do see that the Dutch economy as a whole did grow faster than the seaports, so that the relative share has decreased slightly.”

Would you like more insights and all the figures about the economic significance of the Dutch seaports? Then take a look at the entire port monitor. There is also a web tool available that you can use to work with the data yourself: https://maritiemehavenenbinnenhavenmonitor.nl

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