ZCI Project meeting in Kajaani

The ZCI project partners gathered for the 4th Masterclass in Kajaani, Finland, with the theme “Public Acceptance of Electric Vehicles”. The meeting programme also included site visits, during which the guests had the opportunity to see EV charging infrastructure solutions in real housing complex environment.

The Partners of the Interreg Europe project ZCI (Zero Carbon Infrastructure) gathered in Kajaani, Finland, for their 4th Masterclass. The Masterclass programme looked at various topics, such as the life cycle of electric vehicles, all the way from producing vehicles and battery chemicals, to producing and storing green energy and recycling vehicles and batteries. There were also discussions related to public awareness and cooperation with housing associations. 

The presentations that were held can be found on this page.


Guided EV Charging Tour and Bus Trip to Biogas Terminal

After the presentations held on Tuesday,the international group embarked on a walking tour of the local area. Led by Ville Keränen, a local expert in Electircal Vehicle charging solutions, the group visited various sites to explore the diverse solutions implemented in the neighborhoods. The international guests were intrigued by the unique living conditions in Northern Finland, including the climate, available space, electricity grid, and housing company decision-making processes, and the ways in which this differed from their own regions.

On the second day, the guests visited Vieremä, where the municipality is fostering a strong biogas culture and ecosystem. The municipality is committed to transitioning its equipment to biogas and incorporating this into procurement contracts. They have established a biogas terminal and pledged to purchase all biogas produced by local farms. Additionally, they are developing a hybrid energy park that combines a solar power system with small vertical wind turbines. In the project's first phase, part of the solar power system has already been implemented. The second phase will introduce the vertical wind turbines and the remaining solar electricity system. This project is particularly noteworthy for its innovative use of vertical wind turbines.


The group at the Biogas terminal hosted by Vieremä municipality, including our Colleague Giuliano Mingardo.

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