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Naomi Oosterman is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Heritage at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies, and Cluster Manager of the research group Heritage under Threat; part of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development. Her research interests are the illicit trade of arts and antiquities (with a particular focus on Latin America), the policing of art and heritage crime, and contested and colonial heritage. She is the editor (with Dr. Donna Yates) of the volumes Crime and art: Sociological and criminological perspectives of crimes in the art world and Art Crime in Context. Recently, she has submitted the co-edited volume (with Camila Malig Jedlicki and Dr. Rodrigo Christofoletti) titled Colonial heritage, conflict, and contestation: Negotiating decolonisation in Latin America which is set to be published mid-2023. Currently, she is working with Liselore Tissen (Leiden/Delft University) and Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba (Rijksacademie) on the project 3D reproduction methods in contested heritage that explores the possible uses of 3D printing of cultural objects in restitution and repatriation debates. 

She is furthermore active in several committees dedicated to cultural heritage management and securitisation. She is a member of ICAHM's Illicit Trafficking Working Group, and in December 2022, was elected as member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies. 

Naomi teaches courses on social science methods, co-coordinates the Master Thesis Class, and supervises master theses. She is furthermore one of the developers of the joint Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor Authenticity and Art Crime: Methods, Materials, and the Market, in which she developed, and currently coordinates, the course Crime and Disruption in the Art Market. In 2021, together with Dr. Delia Dumitrica (Department of Media and Communication) she was awarded a Comenius Senior Fellowship for the project Adaptive digital environments for qualitative research learning. The projects centers around the development and use of Digital Learning Objects to foster and strengthen students' knowledge and skills concerning methods of qualitative research

Naomi Oosterman studied Social Work (BA, 2010, cum laude) at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam; Arts and Culture Studies (MA, 2013) at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Social Research (MA, 2014) at Goldsmiths, University of London. She completed her PhD in Criminology at City, University of London (2014-2019).

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Assistant professor | Department of Arts and Culture Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Naomi Oosterman (29 april 2023) - Kopzorgen voor het museum: Wat te doen met een gestolen schedel?
  • N (Naomi) Oosterman (25 februari 2022) - Dr. Naomi Oosterman over kunstcriminaliteit en de wereld die daarachter schuil gaat
  • N (Naomi) Oosterman (12 januari 2022) - Collaboration to protect cultural heritage: 'For research on art crime we really need different disciplines'
  • Naomi Oosterman (19 maart 2021) - Kunstcriminaliteit: Populaire verbeelding en werkelijkheid

  • Delia Dumitrica & Naomi Oosterman (2023) - Qualitative analysis teaching and learning: A few pedagogical principles for designing digital learning objects
  • Delia Dumitrica & Naomi Oosterman (2023) - Comenius Festival 2023
  • Delia Dumitrica & Naomi Oosterman (2023) - Innovating qualitative analysis teaching and learning: a few pedagogical principles for designing digital learning objects
  • Delia Dumitrica & Naomi Oosterman (2023) - Comenius Festival 2023
  • Naomi Oosterman (2022) - Elected Executive Committee Member Association of Critical Heritage Studies (External organisation)
  • Camila Malig Jedlicki & Naomi Oosterman (2022) - Decolonisation of cultural heritage: changing narratives in Latin American and European museums
  • Naomi Oosterman & Camila Malig Jedlicki (2022) - "In the narrow streets of the colonial walled city": Hegemonic heritage narratives of European colonial heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Delia Dumitrica & Naomi Oosterman (2022) - Adaptive digital environments for qualitative research learning
  • Delia Dumitrica & Naomi Oosterman (2022) - Developing successful digital learning resources for qualitative methodology

Methods of Qualitative Research

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Pre-master, BA-2, BA-2, BA-3, BA-3, BA-3, Pre-master
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Crime and Disruption in the Art Market

Minor Authenticity and Art Crime (LDE)
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Minor Authenticity and Art Crime (LDE)
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Leren hoe te leren: de onderwijsinnovatie van ESHCC tonen op EDULEARN23

Dr. Delia Dumitrica en dr. Naomi Oosterman lieten modules zien die door studenten zijn gebruikt om hun kennis en vaardigheden op het gebied van kwalitatieve ana
dr. Naomi Oosterman and dr. Delia Dumitrica at EDULEARN23

Helpen digitale middelen studenten met leren?

Research project Digital Learning Objects komt met interessante bevindingen op het gebied van het overbrengen van kwalitatieve methoden op studenten.

Een brug slaan met een lokale gemeenschap na het vinden van roofkunst

Op zaterdag 29 april verscheen een interview in dagblad Trouw met dr. Naomi Oosterman over het project "3D reproductiemethoden in betwist erfgoed".

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Documentatie en illegale handel in cultureel erfgoed

The CIDOC conference, focussing on documentation and linked data, will take place in Mexico City from 24 to 28 september 2023.
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