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  • (Olga) O Coretcaia

    (Olga) O Coretcaia

    Olga Coretcaia (publishing name - Olga Koretskaya) is a PhD researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her current research focuses on making practices in…
  • (Anderson) A Correia Semedo

    (Anderson) A Correia Semedo

  • (Alessia) A Crotta

    (Alessia) A Crotta

  • dr. (Daniel) DR Curtis

    dr. (Daniel) DR Curtis

    I have a new project funded by the NWO VIDI (800,000 euro), which goes by the title "Positively Shocking! The Redistributive Impact of Mass Mortality through…
  • (Bhagyalakshmi) B Daga

    (Bhagyalakshmi) B Daga

  • (Carolina) C Dalla Chiesa

    (Carolina) C Dalla Chiesa

    Carolina Dalla Chiesa (1987) is a PhD candidate and Lecturer at the Department of Arts and Culture (EUR) with a project on Crowdfunding for Cultural and…
  • dr. (Teresa) T De La Hera

    dr. (Teresa) T De La Hera

    Teresa de la Hera is a Professor of Persuasive Gaming at Erasmus University. Her expertise is particularly related to understanding how digital games and new…
  • (Liesbeth) LJLM De Strooper

    (Liesbeth) LJLM De Strooper

    Liesbeth De Strooper (Leuven, 1988) joined the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies in September 2011 as a lecturer and PhD candidate. Her PhD will focus on…
  • (Amalia) AJY Deekman

    (Amalia) AJY Deekman

  • dr. (Erwin) E Dekker

    dr. (Erwin) E Dekker

    Erwin Dekker (1984) is assistant professor of cultural economics at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. He worked as post-doctoral…

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