Executive Board

Current facets (Pre-Master)

The Executive Board is responsible for preparing and implementing policy and managing the university. The members of the Board are: K.F.B. (Kristel) Baele MSc (President), Professor dr R.C.M.E. (Rutger) Engels (Rector Magnificus) and E. (Eddy) Hus Msc.

The Executive Board, together with the deans, wishes to put the university firmly on the map as a leading, internationally-oriented university with strong roots in Rotterdam. The members of the Executive Board are appointed by the Supervisory Board of EUR.

  • K.F.B. (Kristel) Baele MSc (President)

    Kristel Baele holds the chair since December 2015  and is responsible for general administrative matters, including the relationship with the Supervisory Board and the University Council. Her portfolio includes strategic policy, international affairs and external relations, for example with the region of Rotterdam, the business community and other knowledge institutions.

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  • Prof. dr R.C.M.E. (Rutger) Engels (Rector Magnificus)

    Rutger Engels is Rector Magnificus of Erasmus University Rotterdam since 15 June 2018. His main focus is on education, research and knowledge transfer, including academic staff (policy), students and research information. His Rectorship expires in June 2022.

    Professor Engels is also Professor Developmental Psychopathology at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB).

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  • Eddy Hus appointed interim Member of the Executive Board

    E. (Eddy) Hus Msc

    The third member, Eddy Hus, has been a temporary member of the Executive Board, since 1 June 2017. He succeeded Bart Straatman who, due to health reasons, resigned from his position before completing his term. Eddy Hus’ portfolio includes finance, economic policy, estates and information technology.

Secretariat President

M.L. Reid
T (010) 408 8757

Secretariat Rector magnificus

M.C. Jansen
T (010) 408 1753

Secretariat third member

M.C. Vallejo Andres
T (010) 408 1751