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Welcome to the Beadle’s Office

The Beadle’s Office undertakes and supervises the PhD defence ceremony procedure on behalf of the Rector of Erasmus University Rotterdam. It organises and prepares academic ceremonies such as PhD defence ceremonies, inaugural speeches, valedictory speeches, the opening of the academic year and the celebration of the Dies Natalis, or anniversary of the university. The Beadle’s Office also has an advisory role in other university events, such as graduations and awarding degree certificates, presenting prizes and honours, and speeches. The Beadle’s Office takes care of Erasmus University Rotterdam's academic rituals.

In the context of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and current measures, the Board for Promotions of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) gives PhD students the choice of either:

  1. a physical ceremony
  2. a hybrid ceremony
  3. an online ceremony

For all information regarding these choices we kindly request you to consult the protocol (valid until  3 December 2021) as reported below. For questions regarding the reception possibilities we would like to refer you to Vitam (EUR) or Kade 80 (Erasmus MC).

Contact Beadle's Office

Email address
0031 10 408 1006
Room A1-05 (near the Senaatszaal)
Erasmus Building

Visiting address: Woudestein - room A1-05 (near the Senaatszaal)

Route and directions

Visiting times: Monday through Friday between 9.30 hrs and 13.00 hrs (or by appointment)

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