Funds & Donating

Funds & Donating

Would you like to make a donation? Please contact Erasmus Trustfonds by calling +31 10 411 05 96 or by sending an email to

Erasmus University Rotterdam has a special bond with the following funds:

  • Contact information

    Secretariat: Oudehoofdplein 4, 3011 TM Rotterdam,
    (010) 411 05 96

    Bank details

    ING-account: IBAN: NL24 INGB 0000 6290 21 – BIC: INGBNL2A

    ABN AMRO Mees Pierson account: IBAN: NL06ABNA 0564 4143 52 – BIC: ABNANL2A

    Account number payable to funds on name:
    NL40 ABNA 0253 8280 82

  • The fund was founded in 1920 to mark the bicentenary of the banking firm R. Mees & Zoonen in Rotterdam, with the aim of promoting the growth of the former Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool. A specific part of the aim was to support less well off, talented students by making interest-free loans available.

    In 11 November 2005, the fund merged with the Erasmus University Rotterdam Trust Fund Association. According to the statutes, the assets of the Hoogeschool Fund are always administered separately in its accounts and annual report under the name R. Mees & Zoonen Fonds 1920. The aim of supporting less well off, promising students and the other obligations of the Hoogeschool Fund has been taken on by the Trust Fund.

    More information:


  • The Van Beek Fund, set up by Mr A.A. van Beek, aims to promote academic education at Erasmus University Rotterdam. It offers funds to students and any other people associated with the university who wish to further their skills within the curriculum and supplement their studies through a stay in Europe of at least four consecutive weeks or a minimum of eight weeks outside Europe in a country where Dutch or a similar language is not the main language of communication. 

    Contact information

    Secretariat: Oudehoofdplein 4, 3011 TM Rotterdam 
    Secretary: mr. M. van Eesteren - van de Erve
    010 411 0596

    Bank details

    ING-account: IBAN: NL58 INGB 000 7665468

  • Objective

    Fund in the Name Foundation for International Students EUR aims to promote contacts between foreign students and students from the Netherlands Antilles who are studying in Rotterdam, as well as contacts between them and students of Dutch origin.

    Guidelines for requesting financial support

    Students, groups or associations and organisations of students can submit a funding request for events or activities they are organising that reflect the goal of the Fund to the secretary at the office address given above. The Fund is not intended for individual study grants.

    Applicants must take into account that the Fund never provides 100% funding. Furthermore, besides support from others, they are required to make a considerable contribution themselves.

    The Fund Committee decides whether a request for funding can be considered. No appeal may be lodged about acceptance or rejection of a request.

    1. Submission deadline

    Requests for support must be submitted at least two months before the start of the activity to the secretariat of the Fund.

    2. Goal and budget plan

    The request may be short, but must be clear about:

    • The goal for which a financial contribution is being requested. This goal must always reflect the objective of the Fund.
    • Budget plan of costs and coverage, including a list of current subsidy requests (e.g. to government organisations and other funds), as well as contributions from university/faculty, own contribution, etc.
    • Requests must always be sent by normal post. Otherwise, the request will not be handled.
    • Requests must be complete. If documents are being sent later, this must be clearly stated.

    3. Name, address, etc.

    The request must clearly show name and address details of the applicant, as well as e-mail address, phone number and fax number if available. Natural persons must state their student number.

    Legal persons (e.g. associations and foundations) are requested to send the statutes and an extract from the register of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Office address

    Secretary: drs. J.A.M. Matthijsse, Sanders Building, room L3-019
    PO Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam, tel. (010) 408 1123

    Committee members

    Prof. dr. H.B. Entzinger, chairman
    Drs. J.A.M. Matthijsse, secretary
    Mr. M. van Eesteren-van de Erve, treasurer
    Drs. R. Rijntjes, member

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