UNIC (European University of Post-Industrial Cities)

Welcome to UNIC, the European University of Cities in Post-Industrial Transition! “European University” Alliances like UNIC are networks of higher education institutions in EU countries, and they work together for the benefit of students, teachers, researchers, citizens, and the societies they’re embedded in. UNIC universities – ten in total – collaborate closely to conduct engaged research, create communities of practice, and achieve positive societal impact.

A European University of the Future

UNIC - The European University of Cities in Post-Industrial Transition

Erasmus University Rotterdam plays a key coordinating role in UNIC and hosts the secretariat for the entire alliance. UNIC’s member universities include:

  • University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain
  • Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany
  • University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
  • Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • University of Liège, Liège, Belgium
  • University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Kroatië
  • University of Lodz, Łódź, Poland
  • Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden



For Students: UNIC’S Education Opportunities

UNIC provides attractive education for a diverse population. Students at EUR can take joint programmes and choose courses from all UNIC universities. A virtual campus connecting UNIC universities is being developed for easy international mobility, and specialized master’s programs (such as RePIC: Redesigning the Post-Industrial City) will be offered from Fall 2023.

We also organize frequent workshops, lectures, talks, and discussion panels. Learn more and get involved: 

For Researchers and Academics: UNIC Engaged Research

Engaged Research ensures that impactful knowledge is not produced just for society, but with society.  UNIC has developed a comprehensive Engaged Research framework and support systems for involving and engaging citizens, civil society, and public/city authorities in research and innovation.

Through our UNIC4ER program, Seed Fund calls and joint PhD programmes, and our forthcoming UNIC Centre for City Futures, we are creating a truly European infrastructure for studying the questions and challenges of post-industrial cities.

For Staff: Job Shadowing and Mobility

UNIC is committed to supporting and strengthening staff based at the EUR and all our alliance partners. We promote staff mobility opportunities and our models of practice.

Staff can benefit from our frequent workshops, virtual meeting platforms, “Teaching the Teachers” trainings (boosted by the forthcoming UNIC Teaching and Learning Center, and our Job Shadowing opportunities:

- UNIC Job Shadowing opportunities (coming soon)
- Teacher trainings and courses
- Subscribe to the UNIC Newsletter for Staff

Rotterdam and UNIC: CityLabs

UNIC CityLabs brings science to the city and contributes to the resilience and renaissance of Europe’s post-industrial urban centres. They are physical and virtual meeting points where students, citizens, academia and city stakeholders work together to identify and solve societal challenges faced by post-industrial superdiverse cities.

From climate adaptation, culture and cultural heritage, and digital transitions to strategic planning and housing, and inclusion of migrants and refugees: we work closely with city representatives and citizens in Rotterdam to develop pathways forward through rigorous Engaged Research:

- Learn More about UNIC CityLabs


UNIC is a key strategic plank of EUR's Strategy 2024 - dedicated to creating positive societal impact, and jointly setting a European role model for university-city-research collaboration

UNIC’s executive office is located at the EUR, and a bulk of the alliance’s coordination and ideation is led from within the university. The UNIC team at EUR includes:

  • Prof Dr. Peter Scholten, Alliance Coordinator
  • Grace Yano, Program Manager UNIC Executive Office
  • Samira Abbadi, Program Manager
  • Marco Aperti, Program Manager UNIC4ER
  • Marketa Geerts, UNIC Project Leader for Joint Education
  • Esther Chiama, Project Manager UNIC4ER
  • Yara van Holten, UNIC Project Manager
  • Krish Raghav, UNIC Communications Officer
  • Phương Khanh (Aubrey) Ngô, Student Assistant
  • Atalay Demiray, Student Assistant

The UNIC student board is the beating heart of our European University. Get in touch with UNIC student representatives at the EUR to get involved!

Anatoly Pozharitskiy, UNIC Student Representative
Natalin Tosun, UNIC Student Representative

UNIC organizes frequent talks, workshops, virtual meeting platforms and panel discussions. Follow us on social media to keep up to date, or get in touch to help organize an event yourself!

Follow UNIC on Twitter, Instagram (@unic_eu) or Linkedin. Latest updates can be found on our website at www.unic.eu, or through our quarterly newsletter (available in 10 languages).

Collaborations, feedback, and development ideas are all valuable to us!

Get in touch via unic (at)eur.nl

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