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The management of all subsidiary companies of EUR Holding is fully supportive of the shared integrity policy. This also means that they are responsive to any signals regarding (suspected) misconduct, undesirable behaviour or a violation of scientific integrity. 

People affected are however free tot directly contact the confidential counsellors appointed by EUR Holding. The confidential counsellors are trained to recognize integrity issues and help members of staff, students, contract partners and other stakeholders by offering support, counselling and referrals. They can be approached to discuss specific integrity questions and concerns, and give advice about the steps that can be taken. 

As a final resort a formal complaint can be submitted in order toe be processed by an independent committee.

Confidential Counsellors

Mariëlle van Leeuwen and Debra Young are appointed as  independent confidential counsellor to support and help employees, students and contract partners when they are confronted with undesirable behaviour and (suspected cases of) misconduct. The confidential counsellors offer emotional support and can refer- if so desired - to a professional caregiver. They also inform and advice about the possibilities of ending the undesirable behaviour of the misconduct by explaining which possible steps in finding a solution can be taken. Mariëlle van Leeuwen and Debra Young can be reached via the email address

Professor Jack Vromen is appointed as independent counsellors scientific integrity. He is able to give advice and provide support in case of questions about scientific integrity or complaints about (suspected cases of) violation of scientific integrity. In case of a complaint the counsellor scientific integrity can give his (non-binding) judgment or offer mediation if the involved are willing to solve the issue in all reasonableness. Professor Jack Vromen can be reached via the email address                                             

Complaints Committee

The independent Complaints Committee investigates a formal complaint regarding undesirable behaviour, misconduct or the violation of scientific integrity. Based on its findings , the complaints committee then offers its advice to the director of the company involved. The director thereafter decides what measures will be taken.

The complaints committee consists of dr. Gera Noordzij, professor Muel Kaptein and professor Sanne Taekema.

The committee can be reached via the email address  The formal character of handling a complaint necessitates the need to take good notice of the complaints procedure, as described in the Integrity regulations 2021.

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