Ethical Dilemma Games

Every organisation has its own written and unwritten rules. Compliance with these rules generally not only improves the performance of the organisation; it also creates a pleasant and safe working environment. The extent to which people comply with the rules of an organisation is linked to their integrity, both professional and personal integrity. Dilemmas can arise that can challenge both types of integrity; difficult decisions where consideration has to be given to conflicting interests, a change of circumstances, or the sensitivities of other co-workers.

To increase awareness about integrity issues within the organisation, three ethical dilemma games have been developed for EUR Holding BV and its subsidiaries, namely an ethical dilemma game about contract research, an ethical dilemma game about contract teaching, and a ‘general’ ethical dilemma game (about fair play and teamwork). The aim is to raise integrity awareness with respect to client-contractor relationships, relationships between managers and employees, or relationships among employees. Concurrently, the games can be used to make a preliminary assessment about the degree of integrity of individuals and groups/organisational units.

EUR Holding BV also offers its subsidiary companies the possibility to organise the games with the help of a facilitator. Further information about the three games and the provision of a facilitator can be obtained via one of the authors of the games, Professor Justus Veenman (