The Integrity Policy 2021

Working under the Flag of EUR Holding BV

EUR Holding BV (including all its subsidiary companies or LLCs) strives to instil a culture of integrity. The organisation aspires to satisfy the necessary conditions to encourage people within EUR Holding BV to abide by the set standards for ethical conduct, both individually and collectively. These set standards form the basis for the rules of ethical behaviour within EUR Holding BV. But not only are the rules of the organisation important. The compliance with these rules, which govern a particular profession or occupation (secretary, manager, lecturer, researcher, member of a Supervisory Board) is also subject to integrity. Furthermore, there is the issue of personal integrity, which concerns the general standards of behaviour, such as decency, honesty, and openness. The aim of the Integrity Policy is to ensure that all persons within EUR Holding BV adhere to these rules of ethical behaviour and act accordingly.

Description integrity policy

The integrity policy of the organisation is described in practical terms in the document Integrity Policy of EUR Holding BV. This policy also includes the rules of behaviour that are already applicable within EUR Holding BV and its subsidiaries, such as the Integrity Code of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity  and the Declaration of Scientific Independence of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

The 10 golden rules of integrity

The Integrity Policy set out in the internal brochure 'Working under the Flag of EUR Holding BV' comprises 10 golden rules of ethical conduct that are the guiding principles of our organisation:

Fair Play & Teamwork
1. Behave in accordance with generally accepted standards of decency.
2. Adhere to academic codes and regulations, as well as general principles of law and regulations
3. Handle finances, company property, and information with the appropriate due care.
4. Support colleagues as far as possible, and definitely avoid undermining them.
5. Never (knowingly) make untrue statements about colleagues, students, or clients.
Professionalism in teaching and research
6. Abide by the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity 2018.
7. Comply with the Declaration of Scientific Independence of the KNAW for all contract education and research services
8. Determine the content and design of our contract teaching and research, in consultation with, but never exclusively by, clients of EUR Holding BV
9. Base the assessment of study performances on explicit criteria announced in advance.
10. Act independently and in ways to prevent any conflicts of interest or undue influence.