Excellent academic research

We aim to foster our excellence in individual academic disciplines, conducting curiosity-driven research which is embedded in society and engaging actively with local and global communities. 

Our research programme focuses on the entire spectrum of fundamental, applied and practice-based research. We work together with societal stakeholders, develop new ways of designing solutions to societal challenges, and contribute to the mission-driven research of the National Research Agenda (NWA) and the European agenda Horizon Europe 2021-2027. By doing so, we want our excellent research to have the greatest possible social impact.

We will invest in superior research groups and research disciplines to achieve top-20 positions in European rankings and to be a preferred university for early academic career top talents worldwide. This requires a strong position as an excellent employer, so we are working on enhancing our appeal as an employer and on strengthening our brand. In addition, we will invest in collaboration in the intersection between medical care, technology and social sciences.

We will enable researchers to make optimal use of their talent and achieve excellent results. Our focus will be on the very best facilities for our researchers, supplementing the good facilities already in place, such as Erasmus Research Services (ERS).

We will embrace the goals and approaches of open and responsible science. That means sharing and using knowledge at an early stage in the research process, allowing others to collaborate and contribute, and maintaining a commitment to free availability of our data and, where possible, our notes and research processes. Our researchers are guided by the principles of research integrity and the ensuing guidelines for good research practices (including the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity). Naturally, the EUR will fulfil its institutional duty of care.

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