Stepping up our professional services

Erasmus University Rotterdam provides state-of-theart, pro-active and adaptable professional services as an essential force behind excellent education and research.

The professionals that work at our university must be intimately familiar with the core business of the university (teaching, research and impact) and prepared for ever-changing demands in an increasingly digital future, in a diverse and international environment characterised by intense and evolving demands. Our academic faculty and professional services staff form a single community that creates positive societal impact together, each operating on the basis of their own individual expertise but as equal partners. As a result, our professional services will become a value driver for our university.

We ensure effective alignment between professional services and our core processes, facilitating smooth interaction between professional services at various levels in the university. We focus on end-to-end business processes and customer processes. This requires good cooperation between the various services and between professional services and the faculties. By doing so, we will enable our professional services staff to pro-actively devise solutions for future challenges. An in-depth knowledge of the approaches, goals and needs involved in the core business of our university will provide triggers for initiating improvements. Rather than focusing on responding to requests from students and staff, we will take a pro-active step forward to contribute ideas, possibilities and solutions, partnering with the faculties and departments to enhance research, education and impact across the board.

We will develop our professional services in alignment with student and staff expectations for the digital society. All professional services staff will consider and incorporate digitalisation as the major enabler – not by falling into the trap of automating an existing process, but by redesigning the end-to-end process very deliberately, based on a digital vision. The starting point is identifying the current state of affairs and defining what we want to achieve, and then designing the process based on the needs of the customer and learning from others, in our own sector and beyond.

We ensure that we are pro-active and adaptable by making a shift from profession-driven to customer-driven, in accordance with international standards. We will focus on innovation, optimising and digitising in order to create room for improvement, thus serving our clients within the university more effectively. We will improve our performance for the customer by using a more uniform way of working. This reduces the risk of errors and improves compliance.

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