Strategie 2024
One university, one community, one goal

Profile and priorities

Our foundational values and principles: being an erasmian

Erasmus University Rotterdam bears the name of one of Europe’s greatest thinkers. His legacy frames the way we think and act and how we are recognised, shaping our shared identity. Erasmus was defined by his academic scholarship, critical engagement, dialogue and cosmopolitan, independent mind-set; these qualities are the touchstones for who we are and who we strive to be.

The EUR Strategy 2024 is based on our core values and positioning. These values define what it means to be an Erasmian:

  • engaged with society
  • world citizen
  • connecting
  • entrepreneurial
  • open-minded

The way we embody and express our identity is innovative, bringing together diverse backgrounds and opinions, always unifying and collaborating.

Our strategic priorities towards 2024

We have a solid foundation of shared values and a clear mission. Combining all our hopes, ambitions and ideas, our strategy serves as a compass, guiding our decisions based on seven strategic priorities that will define our course towards 2024.

  • Making the most of our interdisciplinary potential
  • Fostering our societal impact identity
  • Ensuring our education is future-oriented
  • Embedding excellent academic research in society
  • Taking responsibility on sustainable development
  • Investing in our people for the future
  • Stepping up our professional services