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Meet our team, consisting of core staff and affiliated academics from various Schools and Institutes.

Do you have any questions, remarks or ideas for contributing to the platform? Please contact us to plan a chat, either online or on campus.

As academic lead of DIT, Derk is keen to help develop an institutional environment that supports transdisciplinary and transformative academic work for motivated, critical, entrepreneurial and talented students, staff and academics.
Picture of Derk Loorbach
Emma works as Project Manager for the Sustainability Dialogues. The Sustainability Dialogues are a series of events in which students and staff in all positions can exchange ideas, experiences and expertise concerning sustainability at EUR.
Emma Daanen
Ana is DIT’s lead for transformative education. She believes that we must equip future changemakers with competencies that allow them to think critically and systemically about complex problems such as biodiversity loss and climate change.
Picture of Ana Vasques
Rachel is a Research Assistant at DIT focusing on Institutional Design, Transformative and Action-Oriented Research.
Julia is engaged in a variety activities with a specific focus on transitions, sustainable fashion, and the intersection of arts and academia. She has a passion for experimenting and designing interventions aimed at creating positive impact
As a student-assistant, Umer's role focuses on website design for DIT. Furthermore, he works on education development with DIT Academic Lead Prof. Dr. Ana Vasques.
Marieke is involved with DIT as organisational lead. She is very excited about DIT as an organisational experiment to change the university from the inside – it’s a transformation she believes is very much needed.
Mariangela is leading the development of a design ecosystem within DIT. She believes that design can be used to experiment with new collaborative practices across disciplines and with stakeholders, to better address societal challenges.
Steve believes in the transformative powers of social arts that questions dominant truths and give way to a multitude of perspectives. He focuses on the role of radical imagination within DIT, the ability to imagine the world as it can be.
At DIT, Lena works to inspire and mobilise students, staff and partners to join our mission. She believes in the power of narratives to shape the way we think, feel and act in the world. To understand and engage in social change (in academia and beyond), we need to tell new stories and center those that have long been marginalized.
At DIT, Anna helps to mobilise the academic community and inspire change. She does so by developing and executing communications and marketing strategies, as well as organising various events at DIT and beyond.
anna s
As communications and event manager at DIT, Emma is dedicated to raising awareness about DIT and its projects. She is especially passionate about communicating visually and creatively.
Within DIT Julia focuses on the development of an ecosystem around Transformative Research. On top of that, Julia takes the lead in developing DIT as an institutional action research experiment.
Picture of Julia Wittmayer
Maryce Koedood supports the entire department of DIT as office Office Manager. She’s also the personal assistant to Derk Loorbach.
Portrait of Maryce Koedood
Romina helps with organizing the Sustainability Dialogues. She is excited to work on input for the EUR sustainability strategy implemented by the CvB.

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