Mariangela Lavanga

Mariangela is leading the development of a design ecosystem within DIT. She believes that design can be used to experiment with new collaborative practices across disciplines and with stakeholders, to better address societal challenges.

Mariangela Lavanga

DIT academic

Mariangela Lavanga is Associate Professor of Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). She is also the Academic Coordinator of the MA in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship and co-founder and coordinator of the first Minor Fashion Industry in the Netherlands. Mariangela researches and teaches on cultural and creative industries and sustainable urban development with active stakeholders’ engagement. In particular, she focuses on the transition to a more sustainable fashion and textile industry.

Mariangela is the academic lead for the development of a design ecosystem and has been involved over the last few years in giving shape to the DIT platform. Mariangela wishes to use design as 1) a creative industry where to experiment new collaborative practices across disciplines and with stakeholders to better address complex and persistent societal challenges, and as 2) an approach and set of methods to support transdisciplinary and transformative academic work, framing a new role of academia in societal transitions.

Mariangela likes to play with her own wardrobe, cutting, altering and keeping “alive” her garments. She recently discovered a new passion: downhilling with her family in the Austrian mountains. Always riding!

Please feel free to contact Mariangela via email.

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