Dilemma game

General dilemma game

The EUR has developed a game which helps staff and students discuss dilemmas and stimulates them to find solutions. This game contains many common integrity issues. It also offers participants the opportunity to formulate dilemmas from their own practice. In a lighthearted fashion, they can discuss how their own department applies the values from the Integrity code and clarify their responsibilities.

Despite the fact that this game is slightly older, the dilemmas remain the same. The game is available via the integrity coordinators.

Scientific integrity dilemma game

Besides the existing general dilemma game, a game specifically focusing on professionalism and integrity in research has been developed. The dilemma game Professionalism and integrity in research uses many common dilemmas in science and invites discussion on the subject.

A hard copy version of the dilemma game is available for all faculties. There is also an online version which you can find here.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Please download here the dilemma game of Scientific Integrity.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Taskforce Report

Here one can download the report of the Task force Scientific Integrity.

Taskforce Report
Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Download the Integrity Code