EUR Sustainability Monitor

The EUR Sustainability Monitor provides information about our carbon footprint, and how our research and education are related to the SDGs. The monitor is under constant development, but already helps the university to move in the right direction. The information in the dashboard is updated at least once a year, in the case of SDG mapper more often. In summer 2023, an official launch with additional features and improvements can be expected. In the meantime, everyone is invited to think constructively about the further development. Please contact us at

Data on our carbon footprint and waste streams

Our carbon footprint is an important indicator of sustainability. The Sustainability Monitor helps the university move in the right direction. It shows where the most advances on sustainability can be made. In the dashboard you can find data about our CO2 emissions and make comparisons. The data reflect the influence of developments in recent years and is collected as accurately as possible. The university’s CO2 emissions are measured according to the NEN0ISO 14064 standard, and the structure of the footprint is according to the methods of the Green House Gas Protocol.

SDG mapper

The SDG mapper is used to classify the extent to which our education and research is related to the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. It shows which of the seventeen goals have a high or low number of publications and courses and thereby, for example, can provide insights to start the conversation when formulation of impact ambitions at a school level. Important to note is that it does not say anything about EUR being sustainable or having impact. The algorithm that is used for the SDG mapper, is open sourced and available via Github. Currently only English-language academic articles and course descriptions are included from PURE, our Current Research Information System (CRIS) and OSIRIS in this alpha version. Dutch-language articles and course descriptions will be machine translated to be included in the next version. The SDG mapper algorithm is validated by researchers from International Institute of Social Studies. In addition, it is currently compared the EUR algorithm with that of Elsevier’s and Leiden CWTS’.

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