Redesign Master Labour Law (ESL)

  • Requester and project leader ESL: Ruben Houweling

  • Project manager CLI: Marijn van den Doel

Redesign of the programme of the ESL Master Labour Law

About: We will redesign the first two blocks of the Master Labour Law. These two blocks are related as they both deal with contractual matters, while the remaining blocks focus on governmental and international labour law issues. The courses “Onderzoekspracticum arbeid en onderneming” and “Ontslagrecht” will be redesigned in such a way that the knowledge transfer will happen online and more face-to-face time is dedicated to teaching students skills that prepare students for their future careers and providing highly interactive workshops. We would focus on a close connection with the labour market, to ensure that students are indeed properly prepared as legal experts.


ARflix is a series where six students of the Master of Labour Law are followed. The six followed students live in the Rotterdam student house Casa Loca. The events that take place during the series are used to highlight different legal insights. Via a Netflix-type series, the treated subject matter is handled in an innovative way.

ARflix can contribute to the intrinsic motivation of the students. ARflix focuses on attracting the attention of students and the relevance of the curriculum. ARflix is an innovative way to highlight daily practical experiences related to employment law.

GoalThe goal of this project is to make the Master Labour Law programme futureproof while increasing the quality.

Expected resultsThe redesign of this master program could provide many valuable lessons learned for the community on how to create a blended future proof educational programme. In addition, material will be developed that could be re-used by the community.