Revision MOOC ‘Serious Gaming’ (ESHCC)

  • Requester and project leader ESHCC: Mijke Slot

  • Project managers CLI: Marit Nieuwenhuys & Rachel Ligtvoet (Risbo)

Innovative revision of the MOOC ‘Serious Gaming’

Revising an educational innovation realised in 2016, that is our MOOC serious gaming, which is online since April 2016. The course has been well-received with over 44.000 visitors, almost 7.000 active learners and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. After two years, it was necessary to improve the MOOC in an innovative way for three reasons.

(1) The course covers a field that is developing rapidly. We aim to take these developments into account.

(2) The didactic approach needs a revision now that we know how our assumptions (for example with respect to peer review assignments) play out in practice.

(3) The MOOC is used in campus teaching in two IBCoM BA-1 courses.


We aim to increase opportunities for this blended format. In short, the aim is to update the MOOC in an innovative manner, making it more future proof, incorporating the insights we have gained in the past two years.


When the revision has finished and has been evaluated, the results will be published.  

MOOC with Mijke Slot in front of a screen saying: a shared definition of serious games

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