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Better education for students, by students

Students-for-Students (S4S) stimulates and facilitates students’ projects which contribute to improving the quality of education for students. S4S is funded by governmental resources, which are freed up by the abolition of the Dutch basic student grant (“basisbeurs”) in 2015, and are now transferred directly to the universities to invest in the improvement of education. By enabling students to contribute to the improvement of their education and supporting them in making their education future-proof, S4S brings these resources back to the students.

Get support from S4S

S4S offers support so that students can set up their S4S initiatives or further develop existing S4S initiatives. The S4S Support Platform provides the following support: 

  1. Advice: We offer advice on marketing (e.g. feedback on design, help with Facebook Ads, etc.) of your initiative and for the organisation of events. We have easy access to all the marketing channels (e.g. big screen on the Erasmus Plaza, sin-online posts, etc.) on campus and organise several events ourselves throughout the year. 
  2. Practical support: As a part of the university we are eligible to book rooms on campus, have easy access to catering options and you are able to use the Education Lab((hyperlink) depending on its availability
  3. Financial support: Financial support is initiative dependent, but could range from covering financial costs of marketing to covering the organisation of a workshop/masterclass. 

The overarching goal of S4S is to support students in the scope of EUR Strategy 2024, which consists of 7 pillars set up to have a solid foundation of shared values and a clear mission: creating positive societal impact. We support all pillars, but the activities of S4S revolve mostly around ensuring our education is future-oriented. 

The following criteria should therefore be seen as guidance for initiatives considering to get in touch with us. 

  • It is in line with one or more pillar(s) of the EUR Strategy 2024.

  • It offers educational value to students beyond the traditional curricula. 

  • It distinguishes itself from existing initiatives within S4S and at EUR.

  • It is accessible for all EUR Students

Are you wondering whether your idea is eligible? Or do you have any other questions? Then please contact us via email or social media

Would you like to talk to us in person? Feel free to walk into the Education Lab, it’s located on the ground floor of the Polak Building and there will always be someone to welcome you!


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