S4S partnerships and initiatives

Students-for-Students (S4S) initiatives are extra- or intracurricular educational projects, which are organized by and for students. The goal is to provide students with broadening or deepening knowledge and/or skills, which are not part of their regular curriculum.

Existing projects with enough track record are offered an S4S partnership. S4S currently has a partnership with ECE Students, Enactus EUR, Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Erasmus Tech Community, LifeVersity, Rethinking Economics NL and Turing Students Rotterdam. Please contact s4s@eur.nl if you think your project might be eligible.

  • We are Turing Students Rotterdam, part of the biggest network of student tech-communities in the world. We work together to change the current educational system by providing tech-education and peer-to-peer learning. On the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam we are building a community of future tech-leaders. Read more

  • Erasmus Tech Community

    Given the rising interest from industries and students in next generation technologies, the Erasmus Tech Community (ETC) was established to raise awareness and educate students in Erasmus University Rotterdam about technology changes taking place. Read more.

  • The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students) is the official entrepreneurial association of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and a special project of Europe’s leading entrepreneurial accelerator, The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). We contribute to the dynamic and ever-changing startup ecosystem of Rotterdam, all the while supporting entrepreneurial-minded students in their academic and professional journeys. Read more.

  • LifeVersity aims to provide every EUR student with an equal and easy access to develop soft-skills (such as leadership, public speaking, communication, etc.) via high quality courses located directly at the campus. Read more.

  • The Happy Student Society was founded to create a supportive environment that promotes student well-being at our university. Nowadays, students are facing immense challenges as they balance out studying, gaining experiences and maintaining a social life. When these challenges become too much, our initiative is there to help out in a safe and easier way. Read more.

  • Enactus EUR is the on-campus incubator for social entrepreneurs. We are a community of around 60 active entrepreneurial members who work on creating self-sustaining ventures that make social impact. Our aim is to make the world more sustainable and fair by empowering the entrepreneurial students to run one of our 7 social startups. Read more.

  • Rethinking Economics NL is a network of students, academics and passionate thinkers coming together to diversify and reinvigorate economics. We strive for diversity in economics thinking and are inclusive to students and scholars from different academic backgrounds. We are open-minded and respectful towards others’ viewpoint, strengthened in the humble awareness that no one has a monopoly on the truth. Read more.

  • Psychedelic Science Collective - Rotterdam. As researchers are rediscovering the lost potential of psychedelic substances, it is emerging as a promising scientific field. These substances include classical psychedelics such as psilocybin and DMT, along with non-classical psychedelics such as MDMA and Ketamine. Already, some of these substances show great promise in the treatment of mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction, and seem to be valuable tools for personal development and the study of the mind. However, our university curriculums are providing insufficient information about the scientific advancements within this field, which is believed will revolutionize mental health treatment and the way in which we study the mind. Therefore, the Psychedelic Science Collective was established provide education on this topic. Read more

  • The Erasmus Sustainability Hub(ESH) is the center for all sustainability efforts at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and beyond. We are an expanding community of EUR students and staff that stimulates sustainable knowledge, actions, and initiatives. Besides our sustainability pillars such as Fashion, Food&Agriculture, and Consulting, we also support all sustainability initiatives, projects and startups on campus with our program, ESH Impact Incubator. Read more.

  • Culture Calling! is a platform that aims to improve the shift from student to cultural professional, by equipping students with tools to professionally find their way in the cultural field. We aim to do this by concentrating the wide array of information on the career dynamics of this colorful sector. Sharing and facilitating conversations with key players in the sector, and collaborating with them in a broad range of formats, we are trying to gain understanding from a multitude of perspectives. Read more.

  • Women’s Business Network (WBN) is an association striving to close the gender gap by bringing young women together with inspiration and opportunities. By organizing events that focus on networking, representation of women in different industries, and on raising awareness of gender biases, we want to help students to start their careers and reach their full potential. Read more.

  • The Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy (ESJP) is a double-blind peer-reviewed student journal that publishes the best philosophical papers written by students from Erasmus School of Philosophy and the Humanities Program of the Erasmus University College. The ESJP aims to further enrich the philosophical environment of EUR in which students develop their thinking, exchange ideas and present them to a wider intellectual audience. Read more. 

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