Happy Student Society

The Happy Student Society was founded to create a supportive environment that promotes student well-being at our university. Nowadays, students are facing immense challenges as they balance out studying, gaining experiences and maintaining a social life. When these challenges become too much, our initiative is there to help out in a safe and easy way.

In order to bring awareness towards students’ personal development, the Happy Student Society is focusing on three main pillars, namely: well-being education, community, and student support system. Through our broad range of events, from healthy cooking workshops to yoga and lectures on coping with stress and anxiety, we aim to guide our community through hard times and difficult emotions towards a better understanding of themselves.

Reaching out in hard times can be a difficult first step. As a result, the Happy Student Society has introduced the first well-being mentor program! Our student mentors are trained in coaching techniques for anxiety, stress, burn out, and uneasiness. With one tap on their phones, and almost no waiting time, any student who feels the need to talk to someone can easily book a free appointment with our mentors. We made sure that if anyone needs help, either big or small, there will always be a trained mentor to guide them.

“Having an organisation like S4S on our campus is really beneficial. It allows us to do so much more than merely suggesting what is missing at our university. You can implement and execute new ideas right away by getting all sort of practical help from S4S. This creates a great environment where students can have a real impact on education!”

Do you want to learn more about the Happy Student Society and the activities we host? Check out our website and make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn! Or just send an email to info.happystudent@gmail.com, we are always happy to meet new people! If you want to have a chat with our well-being mentors, shoot an email to eurhappyambassadors@gmail.com!

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